Largest Manufacturer Largest Manufacturer of Cement Concrete Tiles in India. Segment Leader in the designer Tile Industry.
Non Degradable Fibrillated Fibre Tiles reinforced with Non degradable fibrillated fibre. Hence extra strength and extra abrasion resistance (Generally known as Secondary reinforcement).
Green Product Qualifies for the green product - Environmental friendly.
Wide Designs Wide designs Range with combo options.
Wide Colors Available in wide range of colors.
Continuos Upgrading The Ultra Designer Tiles engaged in continuous upgrading of product development programme by which we are setting the standard for Exterior Designer Tiles.
Solar Reflectivity Index Less Heat Absorption as per SRI (Solar Reflectivity Index) is > 0.50 (Minimum required for reflective tiles is > 0.30).
Adhesive Strength For Wall,being the cement based tile,cement to cement adhesive strength will be more.
Immediate Service Plants are located nearer to the market and required stock availability for for immediate service is possible.
25 Branches After Sales support is available. 25 Branches spread all over India.
Reputed Manufacturers The Raw materials are sourced from reputed manufacturers globally.
Tested Tiles Everyday, tiles are tested randomly at a IABL accredited lab for consistent quality.
Easy Maintainance Tiles Easy Maintenance.


Polypropylene Fibre(Non Degradable & Non Breakable). Glass Fibre(Degradable & Breakable)
Homogeneous reinforcement which leads in reduction of shrinkage cracks. Uni dirctional reinforcement which leads to uneven shrinkage and warphage.
It provides good anchorage to Cementeous products. It is a mono filament. It cannot provide anchorage to Cementeous products.
Specific gravity of FF Fibre is only 0.91. Hence fibre material spreads evanly. Specific gravity of glass fibre is 2.55 to 2.6. Hence lesser number of count of fibre in a given area.
The fibrillated fibre reinforced tiles can be used for fire prone structures where it helps to provide channels to escape gases & fumes & Protect structures from spalling. Glass Fibres are not advisable for fire prone structures.
No toxic or dust is produced while abrading. It is not recommended for floor tiles as while abrading the dust generation which is toxic in nature is produced(only can be used in wall cladding).
Non Breakable Fibres. It will break if proper aggregates are not used.


More then 30%: More then 30% of the materials content by weight contains blast furnace slag which is scrap product generated while producing Iron and steel. At the same time BFS is more cementeous material than the sand (Please note most of the local manufacturers using sand by which they cannot claim their product as Green Product).
More then 60%: More then 60% of the material contents by weight of the tile, raw materials are sourced from less then 200 kms. Distance from the factory.
Ultra Designer Tiles: Wherever the factory of Ultra Designer Tiles are situated within 250 kms From site then it.
Less energy: Less energy is used for producing these tiles as there is no heat element in manufacturing process, Ultra Designer Tiles are produced by using cold and natural process.
Light Reflectiveness: The light reflectiveness or reflective tiles for which we have conducted test and more then 50% SRI(Solar Reflective Index) is achieved as against minimum requirement of 30 and same is tested as per ASTM, E1980, EN673 and EN410.
Volatile Organic content(VOC): Volatile organic content(VOC) in the tiles is very negligible is solidified tiles. Hence no fungus or age deterioration organically will happen.
LEED: Eligible for LEED(Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) points based on the volume of usage and the company can issue statement regarding the content of recycled material, process, origin of factory with supporting certificates to claim lead points.


Description Ultra Designer Tiles Heavy Duty Vitrified Tiles
Range Floor, Wall, Step & Raiser. Generally Floor.
Color 20 Colors with Special Cloudy effect. Available from light colors to bright colors. Only maximum 3 colors available. Generally dull by nature.
Designs Various shapes with interlocking, combo tiles are available in different textures. Generally in square in size of 300x300 or 200x200.
Impact Resistance If sharp and heavy articles falls on laid ultra tiles, Physically only small area chipping may occur (Testing as per ISO 10545). Poor Impact Resistance. The tiles may break in pices and come out from the bonding.
Skid Resistance As per ASTM E303 minmum requirement, for antiskid is 25 BPN whereas ultra more than 80 BPN coefficent of friction for skid resistance is > 0.8. Vitrified tiles as per standard requirement should be > 0.40 in coefficent of friction of skid resistance is far below than Ultra Designer tiles.
Hardness (MOH's) >6.0 >6.0
Breaking Strength Ultra Designer Tiles is > 2850 N. Generally it is > 1300 N.
Abrasion Reistance Generally 1.4 to 1.6 whereas, maximum allowed as per ISO Standard for heavy duty tiles is 2.5. Generally this test of loss in thickness is done as per the ISO 1237 and it should be less than 175mm cube(as per ISO 4457 - 2007).
Density (gm/cc) >2.5 >2.0
Color Fastness No color change (As per DIN 51094). No color change.
Cost Generally less than Rs 50/- per Sq Ft. Heavy Duty exterior grade cost more than Rs 85/- per Sq Ft.
Bondage with Cement Cement to cement is very good. Bonding for exterior is Weak.